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The scheme aims to provide affordable energy measure in which Homeowners & landlords can receive Green Home Vouchers  to make their homes more Energy Efficient. The Grants will cover at least two-thirds of the cost, up to £5,000.00 per household.

Households with lowest income  receiving benefits can receive a voucher of up to £10,000 in some cases covering the full cost of renovations.


  • To qualify for any financial support, at least one of the following “primary” improvements need to installed.
    • Insulation, including solid wall, under floor, loft or roof insulation
    • Low carbon heating, such as air-source or ground-source heat pumps, or solar thermal systems, which provide renewable ways of heating your home.
  • Then if, and only if, you’re installing at least one of the improvements above, you’ll also be able to use the vouchers to install the following “secondary” measures:
    • Double Glazing, only if you currently have single glazing, it won’t cover replacement of double
    • Energy efficient doors, where you’re replacing doors installed before 2002. 
    • Heating controls and insulation,including appliance thermostats, hot water tank thermostats, hot water tank insulation, smart heating controls, zone controls, delayed-start thermostats and thermostatic radiator valves.

What Can You Do With These Vouchers?

These are to fund home-improvement energy-saving measures for your home

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