Community Housing Grants - CHG

We have been allocated government funding to invest in the promotion of, and enabling the delivery of, community led housing.

The Community Housing Grants Scheme supports the project costs of community organisations that need some revenue support to deliver community led housing projects in their area.

Grants may be used:

  • To help set up a group.
  • For organisations to attend training to learn new skills.
  • For costs associated with carrying out consultation to gauge public opinion.
  • As a contribution towards fees in connection with the progression of a development – site survey costs, for example:

The main aim of the Government funding is to enable new affordable homes to be built through community led housing projects.

Applications not directly connected with the delivery of new Affordable homes through Community Led Development are not eligible for this fund.

Find out if you're Eligible

To be eligible for the scheme, you must:

  • Are seeking the grant to support the delivery of affordable Homes via a community led development project
  • The local community must be integrally involved in making key decisions throughout the project
  • A community organisation must play a long term role in ownership, management or stewardship of the homes
  • Benefits to the local area and / or specified community must be clearly defined and legally protected in perpetuity
  • The homes to be provided will be genuinely affordable and occupied by people unable to meet their housing needs in the private market.

What kinds of activities will be funded?

The grant must be used to pay for clearly defined costs associated with projects which demonstrate a direct link to the delivery of a community led housing project.

Applicants are expected to provide accurate costs/quotes for costs in the application form. We reserve the right to request evidence to support the accuracy of the project costs outlined in your application to ensure the project meets the eligibility criteria.

How much funding is available per property?

There is no minimum grant level. Organisations may only make one application within the grant round.


Level One – up to £3k – Set up costs and project initiation

- Setting up the organisation, getting advice on legal structures
- Attending training and workshops
- Holding community consultation events
- Producing publicity materials
- Understanding the potential cost of a project, exploring alternatives and sources of funding.


Level Two – up to £10k – Project facilitation funding

- Costs involved in developing a project plan – business planning and financial appraisal
- Legal costs related to setting up the organisation
- Engaging consultants to advise on land acquisition, planning, design, etc
- Consultation events
- Site investigation
- Financial viability advice / assessments

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